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Shadow Domain Hosting

So you have your <> website all ready to go, and you are afraid that someone might confuse it with <> or <>. (Or vice-versa...)

You can claim the other domain(s), and through the Shadow Domain Hosting service, host them under your control, redirecting all the traffic that might come their way to your primary site.

Mailing List

Yes, we support mailing lists -- need one?

Maybe you need to provide a group discussion environment for a particular topic, or maybe as a means of distributing announcements -- these and other scenarios are prime candidates for a mailing list.

Currently, we use a package called Mailman for our mailing lists.Delivered by Mailman

Mailing List Digests

Mailman also supports a digest mode -- which can be selected by those wishing to limit their incoming message traffic. The list digest collects the messages sent from the list, and only sends a composite message to its subscribers when a certain number/size of messages have been accumulated.

A nice option for busy lists, and Mailman supports digests natively -- no additional list is needed.

Email Redirection

The situation: You already have an existing email account elsewhere, but you want to be able to receive Email as <> and you don't want to have to deal with fetching mail from multiple places.

The solution: An Email redirect on our server can automatically redirect incoming email to another account elsewhere. You tell us where, and we set it up...

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