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Account Services

POP/IMAP Account

Just need a place to fetch your Email from? This account is your least-expensive alternative. Plus, be creative and grab a "catchy" vanity address. Addresses are available in the following domains:

  • ØØ

Basic Website Account

Need a website plus an email address? A basic account gets you that, and more.

You get a website with 20mb of storage, plus one Email address. In addition, you get ftp access and a shell account to manage your website, read your mail, news, etc.

Also, we prefer secure! Basic accounts have access to SSH capabilities, providing secure connections and secure file transfer capabilities.

Executive Website Account

Need a larger website, or more than one Email address? An Executive website account gets you started with twice the storage of the Basic, and up to three Email addresses.

The additional Email addresses can be shell accounts, POP/IMAP-only accounts, or simply email redirects to Email accounts elsewhere. (Either ftp access or at least one shell account is needed to access & maintain the website.)

Domain Website Account

With the same services as the Executive Website account above, we add the ability to function under your own domain. Yes, that means your website will be seen as <>, and your email addresses will be <>.

Note: Domain Websites share a common IP number on our server. In the vast majority of cases, this works flawlessly. If. however, you have a special application or need that requires a private IP number for your domain, please see the Private Domain Website account.

Private Domain Website Account

If you need a website under your own domain and a private IP number, this is the option for you. Functionally identical to the Domain Website account, the only difference is the private IP number reserved only for your domain account.

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